Specialised Ladies
Course 6−8 weeks

A course designed to deliver the fundamentals of our craft. A clear understanding of one length, layering and graduation techniques will help you to build shapes in hair. Important step by step coaching allow you to perform precision haircuts tailor made to the individual. These disciplines are the essential concepts to everyone's repertoires and progress to developing your skills to the highest level.

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Here is a list of subjects covered:
  • All haircutting techniques, one length, layering and graduation
  • All theory and technical knowledge, to include the key points to each haircut
  • Advantages and disadvantages to each technique
  • Face shapes and suitability
  • Knowledge of different hair textures
  • Understanding of certain growth patterns within the hair
  • How your body position works in relation to the head, standing positions, clients head position
  • Understanding of what finger angles to use and when
  • How to gain the best balance
  • Understanding the use of over direction, its meaning, what it does and how to use it
  • Acquiring sectioning patterns for each technique
  • How to achieve precision cutting
  • Terminology and the understanding of key words
  • How to talk about haircuts
  • The consultation process, words to use in a consultation
  • Ensuring you use correct technique for face shape, hair texture, suitability etc
  • The correct way to use freehand techniques on the hair for example pointing and slicing
  • How to advise clients on products/colour services
  • Blow drying skills
  • How to create shapes in the hair
  • Difference between each technique
  • Client care and professional service
  • Complete and comprehensive understanding of hair
Students would also receive weekly appraisals to plot progress and work on strengths and weaknesses. Homework to complete and exams to monitor knowledge. A competent understanding of the Classics to produce personalised haircuts for the individual and gain excellent results. Through informative demonstrations, lecture and work sessions you will grasp a strong sense of modern hairdressing skills.
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